D Batteries

D Batteries are a standard size of dry cell battery that are used for higher drain power applications.
They are often referred to as ’Flashlight Batteries’, due to their use in large torches which require long lasting power and performance. D Cell batteries are still commonly used in many larger appliances, such as portable radios and electronic toys.

What are rechargeable D batteries?
Rechargeable D batteries are also available, with the advantage of being reusable after being placed in an appropriate charger. This is not just economically advantageous for the user, but also a more environmentally conscious choice for power application.

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Beskrivning Pris Brand Range Chemistry Nominal Voltage IEC Name Terminal Type Capacity Size
RS-artikelnummer 183-5713
VarumärkeRS PRO
221,52 kr
- Lithium 3.6V - Standard 19Ah D
RS-artikelnummer 596-624
VarumärkeRS PRO
212,66 kr
- Lithium Thionyl Chloride 3.6V - Standard 17Ah D
RS-artikelnummer 826-4423
VarumärkeRS PRO
14,283 kr
Each (In a Pack of 15)
- Alkaline 1.5V - Standard - D