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    Temperature Control Accessories

    We've put all of our temperature control accessories in one handy place for you to browse, you'll find a variant of products here that have been carefully selected to help you configure a system that will enable you to monitor, control, adapt and calibrate the temperature in machinery such as process controllers and power controllers.

    What types of products can I find here?

    Temperature control software, which is designed to control and monitor temperatures. Temperature control software is used within some industrial processes such as heat treatments which require precise temperatures to be able to comply with regulations. It's also imperative that the temperature of your machines is kept within specific limits both for your safety and to prevent the machine from damage. This is when a process controller, power controller or recorder is used; it adjusts the power and in turn, the temperature.

    Temperature control adapters, these are plastic covers, bezels, panels that adapt your temperature controller to fit a different size.

    Temperature control cables, which can sometimes be referred to as temperature probes are a great tool to determine the temperature of a surface, liquids or even physical objects. They also determine the physical change in voltage resistance of circuits. You'll find a few different types here, thermocouples cables, resistive temperature detectors and thermistors to name a few.

    RS offers the best in class when it comes to temperature control accessories, we stock accessories from some of the worlds leading brands such as Panasonic, Omron and of course our very own, trusted brand RS Pro.

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