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    Sounder & Beacon Accessories

    Ensure that your sounders and beacons are easily seen and housed safely by using a correct mounting accessory. Sounders and beacons are important as they promote safety and awareness across many business sectors including construction, and correct installation can be vital for compliance. The RS range of sounder and beacon accessories includes various mounts, fixings, bases and extenders to customize your workplace health and safety solutions. Whether you need a fire alarm system or machine stop.start alarms, we supply accessories to help you realise your requirements.

    Mounting accessories applications and uses

    Mounting accessories can be used for a variety of sounders and beacons including fire warning products, stacking lights and tower lights. They're used to fix or mount your equipment to walls, vehicles or ceilings. Choose from different mounting accessories, including:

    • Wall brackets - for mounting your sounder or beacon on a vertical surface. Right-angle options are available for corners and include designs with holes for feeding through cables.
    • LED traffic lights mountings - best suited to car park management, factory traffic control, automatic gate or door control systems.
    • Powered bases - for supplying power to sounders and beacons. Includes wall-mountable options, best for signalling within open areas, corridors and passages.
    • Mounting stems - for mounting your beacon on utility vehicles, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles or fleet vehicles.
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