McLennan Servo Supplies Planetary Gearbox, 25:1 Gear Ratio, 24 Nm Maximum Torque

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Planetary Gearheads Series 57

Industrial type of gearhead for fixing to a wide range of motors
Planetary construction for high torque and compact dimensions
NEMA size 23 frame size
Reduced backlash
Supplied with two pinions
Fixing kits required for attachment to motors
Ideal for industrial, process or scientific applications which require high dynamics, accurate velocity or positional control

Fixing Kits

These kits are used to attach the Series 57 industrial planetary gearheads to a range of motors.
The kit consists of a fitting clamp, adaptor and fitting screws.


De-rate ratio 10:1 (stock no. 363-6315) by 10%.

0.9° and 1.8° Hybrid Stepper Motors

1.8° Step Angle,The motors are directly compatible with the stepper motor drive boards and also drive either motor (if required) in the half step mode i.e. 0.9° per step resulting in higher resolution, greater performance stability and faster stepping rates. Direction, velocity, acceleration/deceleration can be controlled by a stepper motor controller.,Applying the correct electrical pulse sequence to the windings of the stepper motor results in a 1.8° step angle rotation of the spindle (i.e. 200 steps per revolution). When correctly loaded and driven these motors will produce discrete output steps. The number of steps and speed of rotation are determined by the number of pulses and frequency of the input signal. This provides an ideal method for speed and position control. The motors are directly compatible with stepper motor drive boards.,Applications include:

Paper feed mechanisms
Teletype printers
Small machine tools
Computer peripherals
X-Y plotters

Attribute Value
Gear Ratio 25:1
Gearbox Type Planetary
Maximum Output Torque 24 Nm
Shaft Diameter 12.69mm
Diameter 57 mm
Overall Length 66mm
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2 152,88 kr
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