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Startech Multi Mode Fibre Optic Cable MTP/MPO to LC 50/125μm 10m

Tillfälligt slut i lager - restorder för leverans 2021-01-25
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MPO8LCPL10M Fibre Cable

This MPO/MTP to 8x LC breakout cable lets you fan out a single 40Gbps connection from a 40GBase-SR4 QSFP+ transceiver to four 10Gbps LC SFP+ transceivers.

The push-and-pull tabs optimize accessibility and let you install or remove the connectors with one hand without using additional tools. Plus, the slim uniboot design of the LC connectors saves space and improves cable management.

The MPO cable is housed in a plenum-rated jacket and is ideal for in-wall installations or anywhere CMP fire rating is required.

Each OM3 fibre cable has been individually tested for insertion loss and return loss. The full test report is included in each cable bag.

The MPO8LCPL10M from is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Features & Benefits

• Obtain higher port density with eight LC network connections combined into a single MPO/MTP connector
• Optimize accessibility and install or remove connectors with one hand using the push-and-pull tabs
• Save space and improve cable management with slim uniboot connectors
• Get test data for your fibre cable - an insertion loss and return loss test report is included in each cable bag


• Use in 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet and fiber channel applications
• Fan out a single 40Gbps MPO/MTP connection to four 10Gbps LC connections on devices such as fiber patch panels, hubs, switch, media converters, and routers
• Used with 40GBase-SR4 networking hardware

What’s in the package?

• fibre optic cable


What is the difference between Multi-Mode and Single Mode fibre cables?
Multi-mode: this type of fibre cable is designed with a larger core to carry multiple light rays or modes at the same time and made of glass fibres. Multi-mode fibre is usually used to transmit modes over shorter distances, typically, less than 1km as these modes can scatter over longer paths. Multi-mode Fibre core diameters are usually 50,62.5 and 100 micrometers.

Single-mode: this type of fibre cable has a smaller core size. Usually up to 10microns and designed for light to travel down a single path for much longer distances, usually of up to 100km. Single-mode transmits a higher bandwidth than multi-mode fibre cables but needs a narrow light source spectral.

Propagation ModeMulti Mode
Connector AMTP/MPO
Connector BLC
Core Diameter50/125µm
Sheath ColourLight Blue