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RS PRO 10mm Stud ESD Grounding Wrist Strap & Cord Set 1.5m Length Cord

Tillfälligt slut i lager - restorder för leverans 2021-03-04
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RS PRO Anti-Static ESD Grounding Wrist Strap & Cord Set

Introducing the anti-static ESD (electrostatic discharge) grounding wrist strap with 1.5 m cord from our own brand RS PRO, a high quality and reliable safety wrist strap ideal for grounding when working with metal electrical components and devices such as computers.

When working with sensitive electrical components such as graphics cards, it is essential to product yourself and the components from possible damage caused by static electricity. By attaching the anti-static strap to your wrist and the cord to an electrical component, any excess static charge will be eliminated instantly protecting yourself and any electrical components from static damage.

The adjustable wrist strap is designed to fit any wrist shape or size and offers a 10K Ohm resistance. The strap is designed with a flexible and soft fabric ensuring comfort when in use and features a metal clip on the inside which is designed to sit firmly on the skin. The 1.5 m coil type cord features a clip at one end to easily attach to the strap and a crocodile clip at the other to securely attach to the desired component.

Features and Benefits

• Provides protection from static electricity
• Resistance: 10K Ohm (Wrist Strap)
• Resistance 1M Ohm 10% (Cord)
• 1.5 m cord offering flexibility
• Adjustable wrist strap to fit any size wrist


Anti-static wrist straps are an essential accessory when working with electrical components and devices such as computers as they eliminate the risk of ESD, protecting the user and any components being work on. Anti-static wrist straps are often supplied with attachable cords that are available in various lengths and types, with a crocodile clip type attachment to connect devices and components.


Protection from static electricity
Resistance: 10K Ohm (Wrist Strap)
Lead Resistance 1M Ohm 10% (Cord)
includes Cord: Yes
Stud Size: 10mm
Wrist Strap Size: Adjustable
Cord Length: 1.3m
Reusable/Disposable: Reusable
Cord Style: Coiled
Cord Colour: Black
Band Colour: Black
Single Wire/Dual Wire: Single Wire
Band Material: Fabric

What is the length of the cord?

The coil type cord is 1.5 m long.

Is the strap adjustable?

The anti-static wrist strap is manufactured with an elastic material that features an adjustable clip ensuring the strap can be adjusted to fit any size wrist.

What are anti-static wrist straps and cords used for?

Anti-static wrist straps and cords are used to eliminate the risk of ESD (electrostatic discharge) from injuring the user or damaging any sensitive electrical components. They allow the body to be grounded, causing the voltage difference in the user and the component to be balanced out.

Includes CordYes
Stud Size10mm
Wrist Strap SizeAdjustable
Cord Length1.5m
Lead Resistance1MΩ
Cord StyleCoiled
Cord ColourBlack
Band ColourBlack
Use TypeESD Safe
Single Wire/Dual WireSingle Wire
Complies with EN 61340-5-1Yes
Band MaterialFabric