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3M Temflex 1500 Orange PVC Electrical Tape, 19mm x 20m

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Temflex™ 1500 Vinyl Electrical Tape

From 3M, this Temflex 1500 Vinyl Electrical and Marking Tape is a premium grade vinyl tape suitable for outdoor and indoor use. This insulating vinyl tape combines elastic backing and a strong rubber adhesive to provide excellent electrical and mechanical protection with minimum bulk. The self-extinguishing tape is designed to perform continuously in ambient temperatures up to 90°C. This general-purpose tape is available in a variety of industry-standard colours.

Vinyl tape has excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, alkalis, acids, corrosion and varying weather conditions, including UV exposure. It also offers consistent electrical strength even when wet, and inhibits corrosion of electrical conductors. Tough, durable and with proven resistance to corrosion and moisture ingress, Temflex 1300 is an insulating tape that can stand up to challenging conditions.

Features and Benefits

• PVC insulation tape with good electrical and mechanical properties
• High dielectric strength 40 kV/mm

• Self extinguishing

• Good resistance to abrasion, moisture, alkalis, acids, corrosio, varying weather conditions and ultraviolet exposure

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

• For insulating, bundling and Colour coding


Use Temflex Vinyl Electrical Tape for phase identification, colour coding leads or piping systems, and marking safety areas. This professional grade PVC tape protects electrical conductors, motor leads and piping from abrasion, acids, alkalis, corrosion, moisture and weather.

Featuring a pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive, it can also be used for wire pulling and in joints, terminations and connector insulation in low voltage applications.

Easy to handle and apply, this tape remains functional through a wide temperature range up to 90°C.

Vinyl electrical tape is designed to insulate wires and other material that conduct electricity. It has a pressure-sensitive application and is highly conformable, meaning it can be moulded for a variety of purposes. With dependable adhesive and excellent resistance, this insulating tape is a long-lasting solution to many electrical applications. As it features a great level of adhesion, the vinyl tape can also be used for general-purposes such as packaging and can also provide a quicker and easier solution than paint for lane marking.

Can wires with exposed cables be made safe with this tape?

Electrical tape, also known as insulating tape, is designed with this purpose in mind, however, it is recommended that qualified professionals are consulted when dealing with potentially live electrical wires.

What are electrical tapes?

A range of tapes for electrical installation and repair work; soldered joints and seams; insulation of soldered joints, terminals, cable sockets and conduction rails.

Why choose 3M?

3M are a trusted name in tapes and adhesives. With a huge range of versatile and specialist tapes, 3M support dozens of industries and applications, from heavy-duty construction to DIY around the home. Whatever your needs, from insulation tapes to general-purpose, 3M supplies an adhesive tape that won't let you down.

Electrical Tapes

For electrical installation and repair work; soldered joints and seams; insulation of soldered joints, terminals, cable sockets and conduction rails.

Backing MaterialPVC
Maximum Operating Temperature+90°C
Trade NameTemflex 1500