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    Jugs & Beakers

    Beakers and Jugs are simple containers designed for stirring, mixing, measuring and heating liquids. They are commonly used in many laboratories and other chemical environments. They're usually cylindrical with a flat bottom and have a small spout for pouring. (without spilling) Due to the spout, the containers don't usually feature a lid, but may be covered by a watch glass to prevent contamination or loss of the contents.


    Beakers are available in a wide range of sizes and are commonly made of glass, usually borosilicate glass. They can also be made from metal (stainless steel or aluminium) or plastics (polythene polypropylene, PTFE). Due to their thermal resistance and wall thickness, radius and bottom, they are ideal for heating which is why they are widely used in research and education industries. The flat bottom of these products makes them easy to place onto flat surfaces, like a lab bench or hot plate. The wide opening means it is easy to add materials and liquids to the beaker. Characteristics such as a high melting point, resistance to strong acids, alkalis and thermal shock make beakers one of the multi-functionary laboratory equipment used for various purposes in a lab.

    Types of beaker

    • Standard or low-form beakers (Griffin beakers) typically have a height about 1.4 times the diameter
    • Tall-form beakers (Berzelius beakers) have a height about twice their diameter
    • A flat beaker or crystallizer


    Our Jug range features variable autoclavable temperatures and high clarity tapered designs. Most of the jugs feature an ergonomically designed handle with thumb grip. Clear moulded graduation allows the measurements (ml and L) to be seen clearly, they are available in a wide range of sizes are commonly made up of durable materials such as plastic or glass.

    Please note - Beakers and jugs are often marked on the side with lines indicating the volume contained. The graduated markings on a beaker are only approximate, so a beaker should never be used for accurate volume measurements.

    Typical Applications

    • Beakers and jugs are considered to be a very useful and valued piece of lab equipment.
    • Graduated cylinders are specifically designed to measure out liquid volumes.
    • Industrial and commercial applications
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