Dummy CCTV Cameras

A Dummy CCTV camera is a fake camera made to look like a real CCTV camera. The camera itself will be almost identical to that of a real CCTV camera. How do they work?The camera works by being secured to an area of interest to deter any criminal activity. They do not need wired up to anything or connected to any screens as they do not display any output video or audio. Features and Benefits:
  • Indoors/outdoors usage
  • Swivel, pan or tilt bracket types for varying degrees of installation
  • Easy to install, simple screw to the wall in many cases
  • Real quality look
  • Cost effective deterrent (requires little maintenance)
Where might I use one?
  • Around your home or garage
  • In and around your office or place of work
  • High traffic areas
  • Existing problem areas

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Beskrivning Pris Indoor/Outdoor Bracket Type Case Material Height Length Width
RS-artikelnummer 310-6511
Tillv. art.nrCD50
268,01 kr
Indoor Swivel Aluminium 41 mm 128mm 50mm
RS-artikelnummer 310-6527
Tillv. art.nrCD75
483,50 kr
Outdoor Pan/Tilt Aluminium 41 mm 128mm 50mm