Power Transmission - Couplings

Our advanced selection of power transmission couplings includes many varieties of general purpose flexible beam couplings, bellows couplings and jaw couplings, as well as various K and membrane varieties.

We also stock a full selection of accessories such as torque discs, flanges, inserts, and joints available from leading brands including Ruland, Huco, Lenze, and RS Pro.

What are the main differences between common transmission coupling types?

  • Backlash-free, general purpose flexible beam couplings are used in a variety of motion-control applications, from aviation and lab equipment to robotics and medical devices.
    • They’re especially commonly found where a motor is connected to a pump, or in numerous types of factory automation equipment and machine tools, where their key role is to help transmit power from a motor source.

  • Bellows couplings are designed and milled to create a low inertia, zero-backlash coupling that needs less maintenance over time.
    • Bellows couplings can accommodate all forms of misalignment and have a balanced design for reduced vibration at high speeds.
    • They’re best suited to applications where precise positioning is required, such as in material handling or general automation and assembly.

  • Jaw couplings are used in electrical motor and internal combustion systems to connect two shafts and transmit torque smoothly with reduced power loss.
    • Jaw couplings are designed to prevent sudden shock loading, and to accommodate shaft misalignment due to thermal expansion or manufacturing error.

  • We also stock a range of other transmission coupling types, including:
    • Barrel gear coupling hubs and sleeves
    • CV boots
    • HRC coupling flanges and inserts
    • Oldham style coupling hubs and torque disks
    • Universal joints and universal/lateral offset couplings
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