Leaded Inductors

Leaded inductors are components with through hole features and leads attached concentrically to the opposite ends of the inductor cores. They act as resistors to changes in currents and absorb EMI (electromagnetic interference) which could affect the status of electrical circuits in devices.

Leaded inductors are composed of coils wrapped around magnetic cores and store energy in the form of a magnetic field.

What are leaded inductors used for?

They are used to suppress asymmetrical interferences in low-voltage and high-voltage circuits.

With low voltages, they act as continuous circuits to keep the current flowing if there are interferences. With high voltages, they are able to prevent current from flowing due to their high resistance, thus are used to protect the circuit from voltage spikes.

Types of leaded inductors

Leaded inductors come in two main categories:

  • VHF (very high frequency) versions are used for line voltage applications to block or filter EMI in small applications or for decoupling in telecom and entertainment electronics.
  • RF (radio frequency) versions are used in low-frequency applications of signal and control circuits and are designed to block radio frequencies while allowing audio signals to be transmitted.

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