Shielding Strips

Shielding strips (also known as finger strips) are designed for sealing gaps in enclosures such as castings, pressed metal enclosures, and electronic cabinets. They are used for electromagnetic shielding where sealing is not required.

Shielding strips are designed for computer, telecommunications and industrial enclosure applications.

What are shielding strips made of?

Shielding strips consist of a durable and electrically conductive fabric wrappedover a sponge core. Their outer fabricishighly­ conductive and provides a high level of electromagnetic shielding. They can be attached easily thanks to a strong double-sided self-adhesive strip on one side. They come in a range of different materials and dimensions, including copper, nickel and silicone.

Why use shielding strips?

Shielding strips are suitable for use on most enclosure doors, cabinets or boxes which will be opened and closed frequent and don't have an environmental seal. They offer protection from dust and moisture as well as being resistant to abrasion. They can recover up to 90% of their original size after being compressed.

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RS-artikelnummer 201-1736
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- Self-Adhesive 0.1mm 1m 155mm
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1 188,96 kr
- Tape 0.1mm 1m 155mm