Hand Held Enclosures

Hand held enclosures are protective cases for controllers and electronic instruments. They are used for simple mobile controls as well as more heavy-duty electronic devices. The shapes are modern and ergonomic, making them very practical and comfortable to hold. They are typically made from aluminium, and come in a variety of different lengths to suit a wide range of PCBs and other assemblies.

Features of hand held enclosures

Designed to mount digital or analogue LCD display modules, hand held enclosures typically have an acrylic window that protects the display modules. A raised area features at the bottom of the enclosure to accommodate plugs, while a tilt foot ensures that desktop applications can be used ergonomically.

Other features commonly present in hand held enclosures include:

  • battery compartments for C, AA and 9 V cells
  • snap-in battery compartment lids for quick battery replacement
  • internal screw pillars for mounting PCBs

What are hand held enclosures used for?

Hand held enclosures can be used for mounting digital and analogue instruments. They are ideal for housing measuring and control technology such as continuity checkers, volt meters, field intensity meters, digital thermometers and flow meters.

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Beskrivning Pris Body Material External Length External Width External Height External Dimensions Integral Battery Compartment IP Rating Weight Display Window Colour Push Buttons Series Number Of Push Buttons Special Features
RS-artikelnummer 865-8455
Tillv. art.nr10006.9-AL
VarumärkeOKW Enclosures
21,47 kr
ABS 56 mm 31 mm 24 mm 56 x 31 x 24mm No - - No Black No Soap A - Base and Cover have Integral PCB Mounting Studs
RS-artikelnummer 865-8468
Tillv. art.nr10010.9-AL
VarumärkeOKW Enclosures
20,54 kr
ABS 58 mm 35 mm 16 mm 58 x 35 x 16mm No - - No Black No Soap B - Base and Cover have Integral PCB Mounting Studs
RS-artikelnummer 867-8711
Tillv. art.nrA9052117-AL
VarumärkeOKW Enclosures
181,58 kr
ABS 73 mm 117 mm 24 mm 73 x 117 x 24mm Yes IP40 - - Off-White - SOFT-CASE - Fixing Possibilities for PCBs in Top and Bottom Part, Unique Case Construction with "Orientation Towards the Width" in Pocket-Format