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    Battery Connectors

    Battery connectors are interconnection devices that are used where a battery or rechargeable pack is required. They are therefore used in a wide range of portable units such as the automotive industry, laptops and computing as well as in-field medical and test equipment.

    How do battery connectors work?

    Battery connectors have colour-coded housings and mechanical keys to prevent two different voltage colour-coded housings from mating. The battery terminals are designed to fit either positive or negative battery posts. They're end-to-end stackable with contacts made from various metals and they offer a high cycle life.

    Why use battery connectors?

    Battery connectors are not just helpful for rechargeable battery applications. They can be used as either compression or sliding modular contacts, modular battery contacts can also function as connectors for many other non-battery related applications. They're made with a high-performance and temperature-rated thermoplastic housing, durable blade terminals and can be manufactured with a variety of metal plating finishes, such as gold-plated nickel contacts.

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