Flat Ribbon Cable

A flat ribbon cable, also known as multiplanar cables, are thin cable composed of multiple small-grade cables placed parallel to each other. With each core situated side by side, they form a wide flat cable resembling a piece of ribbon.
Where might I use one?
This type of cable is mostly used in electronic systems that require multiple data buses to link internal peripherals, such as disk drives to their respective drive controllers. Colour coding is implemented in ribbon cables to avoid reverse connections, with the edge of the cable marked with a red stripe to be connected to pin 1 on the connector.

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Beskrivning Pris Number of Ways Pitch American Wire Gauge Reel Length Width Cable Shape Sheath Colour Voltage Rating Hi-Flex Screened/Unscreened Conductor Strand Type Number of Strands Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature
RS-artikelnummer 170-7231
Tillv. art.nr98267-0711
8 202,17 kr
1 Bag of 1000
4 1mm - 152mm - Ribbon Grey 60 V ac Yes Unscreened - - -40°C +105°C
RS-artikelnummer 684-2308
Tillv. art.nr98267-0711
11,788 kr
Each (In a Pack of 5)
4 1mm - 152mm - Ribbon Grey 60 V ac Yes Unscreened - - -40°C +105°C