Cable Sleeves

For protecting and organizing your cables, cable sleeves are a must. Whether you’re bundling several cables together, or want to insulate a single cable from abrasive environments, our range of cable sleeves are flexible enough to suit your purposes.
• Flexible
Our cable sleeves will allow a high amount of flexibility without flattening against the protected cable.
• Expandable
With cable diameters to meet your needs, our braided cable sleeves are also available in expandable options, which are perfect for binding multiple cables.
• Durable
Our cable sleeves are available in various materials, which can offer resistance to acids, fuels, oils and UV rays.
• Versatile
There also copper plated versions that provide EMC screening, and low smoke, fire resistant models. Our cable sleeves are ideal for protecting cables in specialist environments.

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Beskrivning Pris Sleeve Diameter Colour Material Sleeve Length Braided Minimum Cable Diameter Maximum Cable Diameter Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature Fire Behaviour Shielded Dielectric Strength Wall Thickness
RS-artikelnummer 756-8708
Tillv. art.nr30508
VarumärkeWurth Elektronik
179,30 kr
8mm Grey Fibreglass, Nickel Plated Copper 1m - Yes 8mm 20mm -60°C +160°C - - - -
RS-artikelnummer 163-3908
Tillv. art.nr30508
VarumärkeWurth Elektronik
105,696 kr
Each (In a Bag of 100)
8mm Grey Fibreglass, Nickel Plated Copper 1m - Yes 8mm 20mm -60°C +160°C - - - -