Controlling purchasing costs is crucial, which is why many global businesses already have their own eProcurement systems in place. RS can help those businesses reduce their costs still further, by linking our eProcurement tool into their existing system

RS eProcurement helps you integrate seamlessly between your own procurement system and our online store, giving instant access to over 500.000 products, with live stock availability and the latest pricing information.


  • Content file

    RS supply content file which is loaded onto your e-procurement system.

  • PunchOut™/RoundTrip

    RS can integrate with any of the major e-procurement vendors including Ariba, SAP, Commerce One and Oracle.


  • Requisition

    Users can create a requisition inside the e-procurement system using an electronic catalogue in the form of PunchOut™/RoundTrip or content.

  • Order

    RS can accept electronic orders in a number of industry standard formats:

    • cXML
    • Oracle OAGXML
    • xCBL
    • BASDA eBIS
    • RosettaNet PIP
    • OpenTRANS


  • Invoice

    Through our partner OB10, RS can electronically deliver VAT-approved invoice documents in any format you specify.


RS E-Procurement

First, a quick terminology lesson. PunchOut™/Roundtrip is the online communication between a supplier’s online store – in this case, RS – and your eProcurement system. The term ‘punch out’ comes from exiting, or ‘punching out’, of your website and into a supplier’s site to make your purchase.

So if you want our online catalogue as part of your eProcurement system, all we have to do is integrate PunchOut™/RoundTrip into your system. For us, it’s easy. This gives your useRS access to everything we offer online, 500.000 products, stock availability and latest pricing, plus daily product updates, all in real time.

While PunchOut™/RoundTrip is the most popular option; you could instead choose to use high quality, static content files from our catalogue instead. This is like having a paper catalogue on your computer. For example, you’ll have colour photos and detailed product information, but you won’t have information in real time, such as product availability, latest pricing and daily updates.

Whether ordering in real time, or using the content version, your nominated useRS can purchase securely. And because RS eProcurement returns all purchasing information to your computer, you reduce errors, as you won’t have to duplicate tasks by manually re-keying anything.

We’ve helped countless blue chip businesses cut their transaction costs and we can do the same for you.

To learn more about how RS eProcurement can improve your purchasing process, send us an eMail, or download our brochure below.


To learn more about how RS eProcurement can improve your purchasing process, simply send us an eMail, or download our brochure below