Whether youre a service engineer on the move, or just simply someone out on the road, RS has the ideal solution if you need to order components or accessories there and then.


Get the products you need, faster.

You dont have to wait to get back to your computer or catalogue to order. Because you can order on the go, your items will arrive sooner. And that means you can complete the job quicker.

Like RS Online, RS Mobile makes ordering simple and secure. You can order via our mobile site or, if you prefer, choose the Call RS OrdeRS link. Your mobile will then connect you to our order line, and you can give your order to our customer service team.

Over 2,000 products added monthly. Stay on top of whats new.

Were constantly adding products to our online catalogue over 2,000 each month, in fact. So even though youre constantly moving, you can stay up to date on innovative products.

RS Mobile gives instant access to our complete product range from any web enabled mobile phone, no matter where you are in the world. As long as youre in mobile coverage, you can order from RS.

To find out more about the benefits of using RS Mobile, simply send us an eMail, or download our brochure below.