The costs associated with the approval, administration and payment processing of low value purchases can often be larger than the cost of the items being bought. RS Purchasing Manager is a simple solution that helps to reduce these costs, by automating parts of the purchasing process, and implementing controls and workflow management completely tailored to the way you work.

RS Purchasing Manager, from end to end.

You decide how you want the order forms configured and what terminology you want to use.
We provide complete user training to your company, also advising you on how to simplify your existing purchasing process. You set the spend controls, creating and assigning budgets, cost centres, blanket ordeRS and general ledger codes if required at a department or user level.
Your useRS are ready to order, using the controls you’ve set.
With our intuitive online catalogue, useRS can identify the products they need with greater speed than ever before.
If a user places an order that falls within the controls you have set that order it is submitted directly to RS. If it exceeds your controls, it is emailed to an approver. The approver then simply logs in and checks and approves or rejects the order.
The order is sent to RS and the approver receives confirmation..
The user is emailed that the order has been authorised and sent to RS.
All fully traceable in the organisation order history.

You get complete order history, including any amendments made to an order before approval. If you choose, RS Purchasing Manager can even auto-generate your purchase order numbers. RS Purchasing Manager is the tool that puts you in absolute control.

To find out how your business could benefit from Purchasing Manager, simply send us an eMail, or download our brochure below