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RS PRO Male USB A to Female USB A USB Extension Cable, 1.8m

Tillfälligt slut i lager - restorder för leverans 2021-01-15
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RS PRO USB 2.0 Male USB A to Female USB A, 1.8 Metre USB Extension Cable, Black

This high quality USB extension cable from RS PRO features a male USB A connector at one end and a female USB A connector at the other, allowing shorter USB A cables to be extended whilst offering exceptional quality and reliability. The cable flex features copper wire conductors and drain wire with an aluminium braid foil shielding, ensuring a high performance USB cable. The internal wires are enclosed in a blue PVC sheath offering excellent durability and corrosion resistance, whilst remaining flexible enough to accommodate cable management solutions. Both connectors are manufactured from nickel and feature strain relief to prevent the cable splitting whilst offering optimum performance and protection. This high performance USB extension cable is ideal for extending USB cables that are too short and can be used in various applications such as connecting devices together that require charging, power or data to be transferred.

Features and benefits

• Perfect for extending the length of USB A cables that are too short
• Male USB A connector to connect to host and Female USB A connector to allow male A connectors to be inserted, extending the cable length
• USB 2.0 speeds
• Black PVC sheath offering excellent durability and protection
• Shielded, Braided and Drain
• Nickel connectors with strain relief offering a reliable connection


USB extension cables are available in a wide range of lengths and colours and are perfect for extending the length of a USB cable that is too short. They are available with various connector types such as A and B and can be used for charging, providing power and transferring data between a variety of devices. USB extension cables can include connectors and protective jackets or sheath made from a variety of materials including nickel, gold, PVC and more.

USB extension cables are commonly used to extend the length of a USB cable to connect devices to a computer or other USB peripherals such as:

• Printers
• Scanners
• External hard drives
• Modems
• Routers
• Consoles
• Audio and visual devices


What is the difference between Male and Female USB connectors?

USB cables can feature either male or female connectors suited to various applications. Male connectors are typically used to connect to a host such as a computer, whereas a female connector is used to receive a male connector. For example, a computer will often feature a female USB port to allow male connectors found on devices such as a keyboard to be inserted and connected.

What is USB Version 2.0?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. The USB version relates to the technology that allows the data to be transferred along a cable from one device to another. USB 2.0 allows for a transfer speed of 480 Mbit/s. Most devices on the market are compatible with this standard.

What is the maximum USB speed this is capable of?

Depending on the USB version of the cable attached, this extension can achieve speeds of up to 480mbps.

Connector AMale USB A
Connector BFemale USB A
USB TypeUSB 2.0 A
Sheath ColourBlack