Linear Technology LT1372CS8, Cuk, Flyback, Forward, Inverting, Step Down/Step Up DC-DC Converter, Adjustable, 35 to 47 V

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Buck/Boost/Inverting Regulators

A range of high-efficiency DC-DC Converters from Linear Technology which are able to operate as Step-up (Boost), Step-down (Buck) or Inverting regulators. These highly integrated devices require only a few external components for full regulator functionality and many incorporate features such as micro-power operation, low-battery detection, adjustable current limiting and shutdown/enable inputs.

Switching Voltage Regulators, Linear Technology

Linear Technology product series of synchronous and non-synchronous internal switching regulator ICs offer high efficiency plus a wide input voltage range and switching frequencies up to 4MHz.
The controllers span over several types of configurations from buck (step-down), boost (step-up), buck-boost, forward, Isolated, Inverting and flyback controllers. The Flyback, Forward and Isolated Controllers primary and secondary side provide a solution to help replace the DC/DC bricks that get used in back-plane power conversion.

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