RS PRO Soldering Tweezers

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  • Tillverkare / varumärke RS PRO
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RS PRO Desoldering Tweezers

The desoldering tweezers from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO are an essential tool used when carrying out soldering tasks, commonly used with a soldering iron. Desoldering tweezers are a fast and efficient way to correct any bad solder joints and grip small components whilst heating them.

The minuscule heated tips of the tweezers allow you to pinpoint the smallest of bad solder joints and undo it with precision, without affecting any other components around it. The RS PRO desoldering tweezers are perfect for use with a soldering kit such as the RS PRO dual channel soldering station (176-0007).

Features and benefits

• Perfect for desoldering with precision
• Desolder without affecting surrounding components
• Durable and lightweight design
• Saves time and effort
• Ergonomic design for improved comfort and stability

Common applications

Desoldering tweezers can be used in conjunction with a soldering kit in a number of applications and many DIY projects such as:
• Electronics assembly - ideal for gripping small components and heat them to desolder
• Workshops - to learn techniques and best practice
• Repairing components - desolder bad bonds
• SMD - repair bad joints in SMD soldering on circuit boards

How do desoldering tweezers work?

Desoldering tweezers combine the squeeze technique of tweezers with a heating element to allow electronic components and bad solder joints to be desoldered with precision. Soldering tweezers are more precise than soldering tips when trying to desolder as they can not only heat a solder joint but also pick them up, along with small components.

Why desolder a joint?

As important as soldering is, desoldering a joint can be just as vital in ensuring an effective connection of electrical components. If a joint is soldered incorrectly or is weak it can often cause a breakdown in the connection between a wire or chip and become faulty. Therefore, desoldering is required in order to correct the bond. Soldering tweezers are the perfect tool to carry out this task and allow a bad joint to be soldered correctly without affecting the surrounding electronic components.

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