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Startech 18U Server Cabinet 551 x 610 x 904mm

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RK1820WALHM Wall Mount Network Switch Cabinet

This feature-rich 18U server room rack cabinet is ideal for optimizing equipment storage in network closets edge centers and technology shops with limited space, where there is a need for mountable equipment. It features adjustable mounting rails, mesh doors and panels as well as options for active cooling.

You can access your equipment and cabling from all four sides of this data center rack including the back with a rear hinge that swings the enclosure away from the wall.

Premium Equipment Protection

This wall mount equipment rack features premium-quality steel construction, with secure lockable front and back doors as well as lockable side panels. It features a grounding lug to prevent the build-up of static electricity which can result in electrostatic discharge (ESD), keeping your equipment protected from surges.

This rack also offers dependable protection through both passive and active cooling. The mesh front doors and side panels along with the vents in the top offer passive cooling while the top offers placement support for 120mm fan mounts for an additional active cooling option.

Mount All Types of Equipment

This 4-post server room cabinet has a weight capacity of up to 200 lbs. (90kg) and with a mounting depth from 2.4 to 16 inches, it can hold a variety of equipment. The mounting rails on the rack can be switched between both square cage nut hole or tapped 12-24 threaded hole styles. For non-mountable equipment, this rack also includes a 1U shelf.

For hassle-free cable management, the rack includes a 3-meter roll of hook-and-loop cable tie that makes it easy to keep your cables neat and tidy by binding them together or binding them to the rack. The self-gripping fabric can be cut to any size, enabling a wrap-around solution for the cables of any rack-mount equipment.

Comprehensive Product Testing & Expert Technical Support conducts thorough compatibility and performance testing on all our products to ensure we are meeting or exceeding industry standards and providing high-quality products to our customers. Our local Technical Advisors have broad product expertise and work directly with Engineers to provide support for our customers both pre and post-sales.

The RK1820WALHM is backed by a 5-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Features & Benefits

• Rear hinge swings the rack away from the wall providing rear panel access, perfect for network closets and edge centers
• Fully secure with lockable front doors, rear doors and side panels including 2 sets of keys
• Rack has a heavy-duty structural weight capacity of 200 lbs. (90 kg)
• Adjustable mounting rails offer both square cage nut hole or tapped 12-24 threaded hole styles
• Includes a 1U shelf and a 3-meter roll of cable-and-loop tie


• Wall-mount your server and networking equipment flush against the wall, in areas with limited space such as technology store fronts or repair centers
• Install the rack in your small office environment, where you can't fit a full-sized rack
• Organize cabling or equipment in your network closet, wiring closet, back office or IDF

What’s in the package?

• wall-mount enclosure
• 1U shelf
• roll of hook-and-loop fastener
• 12-24 cage nuts
• 12-24 screws
• door keys
• side panel keys
• instruction manual


Do sever cabinets always need cooling systems?
Not always, if the cabinets are only partially filled and the design has perforated ventilation holes in the front and back, you do not necessarily need additional cooling fan kits.
Manufacturers advise that server cabinets have adequate air flow through the front and back of at least 63% open area for airflow.

Do I need a cabinet or rack?
A rack is an open frame fixture whereas a cabinet is an enclosure with a door(s). When deciding to buy a rack or cabinet, it is important to consider the following:
1) Equipment; What equipment will be used to put in it? If you require regular access to all sides of the hardware equipment, an open rack may be better suited. If you require extra stability with infrequent access and the hardware is heavy, like servers then a cabinet may be more convenient.
2) Environment; in what environment will you be installing it in? If the conditions are dusty and open, extra protection of a cabinet to enclose the equipment may be better suited.
3) Security; do you require an enclosure that can be locked and kept safe? If so, a enclosed cabinet might be the better choice.

Rack Units18U
Cabinet SizeMedium
TypeWall Mount
External Height904 mm
External Width551 mm
External Depth610mm
External Dimensions551 x 610 x 904mm