440K Safety Interlock Switch, Fibreglass, 2NC

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Allen Bradley Guardmaster Safety Interlock Switch

The Allen Bradley Guardmaster elf tongue (or key) safety interlock switch has 2NC contacts. It has a voltage rating of 600VAC/DC. This is designed to fit at the leading edge of sliding, hinged, or lift-off guards. Its unique miniature housing (only 75 ´ 25 ´ 29mm) makes it the smallest interlock in the industry. It is designed for smaller machines such as printers, copiers, or domestic machinery that couldn't use safety interlocks due to space restrictions. With its dual entry slots and rotatable head, the device can offer up to 8 different actuator entry options. The user can operate the switch by inserting a specially profiled stainless steel key that is permanently mounted to the guard door. The semi-flexible key allows the Elf to be used on small radii doors (60mm or 2.36in).
This safety device can be used with GuardLink, a new safety linking technology from Allen Bradley Guardmaster.
GuardLink simplifies and reduces the connection time of the safety system, whilst providing real-time diagnostic information over Ethernet IP. This makes it simple to identify the location of the device that has tripped the safety system, thus reducing downtime, and improving the machines overall efficiency. For more details, please go to the GuardLink brochure.

Features and Benefits

Actuator type is 90°
Maximum current is 2.2A, 6A

Ideal for small, lightweight guards
The smallest interlock switch available
Eight possible actuator entry points, easy to install
Miniature tongue-operated safety interlock with 2 sets of contacts, particularly useful for light duty sliding and small radii hinged machine guards
Dual entry and rotatable head allows up to 8 options for actuator entry position
Forced guided contacts
Conduit entry is 1 x M16 or quick-disconnect style


NFPA79, EN1088
IEC/ EN60947-5-1
ANSI B11.19
IP67 rated
UL approved
CE certified

Attribute Value
Connection Type M16
Lock Style Key
Normal State Configuration 2NC
Housing Material Glass Filled PBT
Maximum AC Voltage 600V
Maximum DC Voltage 600V
Safety Contacts 2NC
Range Elf
Actuator Included Yes
Number of Head Directions 8
Series 440K
Depth 29mm
Width 25mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +80°C
IP Rating IP67
Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C
Dimensions 75 x 25 x 29 mm
Maximum Current 2.2 A, 6 A
Length 75mm
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Per unit
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357,23 kr
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