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Schneider Electric Auxiliary Contact - LADN TeSys D Series

Are you looking to add an additional auxiliary contact to your control circuit, to provide further safety? Schneider Electric offers the latest in Auxiliary Contact components and technology.

Specifically, the LADN TeSys series of Auxiliary Contactor brings reliability to your circuit by acting as a secondary switching device working in conjunction with other primary devices such as contactors, relays or circuit breakers.

Features and benefits:

• Low consumption on your control circuit
• 30 Mcycles of mechanical durability
• Compact, lightweight and easily attached to compatible contactors. Front side mounting
• Simplified mounting directly to the contactor/circuit breaker. Compact in size and equipped with EverLink terminal technology meaning permanent tightening even in the event with conductor creep
• 18-month manufacturer warranty with Schneider

Protection ratings & Safety features
• IEC 60947-5-1 associated fuse rating
• GG fuse <= 10 A
• BS 4795, EN 60947-5-1, IEC 60947-5-1
• CSA, UL certified
• IP2x Conforming to VDE 0106
• Thermally treated and protected to TH conforming to IEC 60068
• Ambient Air Temperature (AAT) for operation -5 to 60 °C


• Motor starters/Control systems
• Switching contactors/relay coils
• Control/Signalling equipment

How do Auxiliary Contacts work?

An Auxiliary Contact is an electromechanical device that is mounted typically to contactors. They are physically connected to the contactor, with simultaneous activation and deactivation applying to both of the devices at the same time.

Aux Contacts can be installed onto contactors either by front mounting, or side mounting. This is usually clear in the shape and size of the product, but please check the compatibility of your devices. Aux Contacts are really useful devices to aid in keeping an eye on the contactor.

You can, for example, hook up a low voltage LED directly to the Aux Contactor without having to worry about the overall voltage of the contactor it is linked to (as long the Aux Contactor is electrically isolated from the contactor) you could use the LED to monitor the device i.e. indicate if the motor is off/on.


Tesys D side mount auxiliary contacts (662-6248, 744-6983, 400-1467, 400-1473) are not compatible with Tesys D DC Contactors.

Attribute Value
Series LAD8
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