Schneider Electric Empty Slot Cover

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COO (Country of Origin): IT

Central processing units series TSX 37 21 and TSX 37 22

Range of PLCs designed for applications requiring extensive processing or analogue and economic counting functions.
Central processing units comprising a power supply, processor including RAM memory with 20 Kwords, and 3 card boxes.
Flash EEPROM internal memory, 15 Kwords, for application program backup.
2 PCMCIA card slots (1 communication card and one 64 Kword memory extension card ).
Date and time display for hour, date and year functions.
Possibility to extend the number of slots available with an extension unit (2 additional slots).
Each available slot can accept:
- 1 digital I/O module, standard format (28 or 64 I/O)
- 2 half-format modules, analogue input/output or digital or counting types
(1 or 2 channels).
Option to count up to 500Hz using the first 4 digital inputs, with counting modules (up to 40kHz) or through 2 integrated channels in the TSX 37 22 version up to 10kHz.
8 analogue inputs integrated on TSX 37 22 modules with analogue extension options.
Structure of the software: single task (cyclic or periodic), multi-task (master cyclic or periodic task, rapid periodic task), event task (1 to 16 events generated by the digital inputs or counting function).
Control function accessible with the PL7 programming software.
Communication possible with a peripheral or another PLC via the terminal socket or the dialog socket.

Schneider Electric Modicon TSX Micro

The Modicon TSX Micro PLC range offers a selection of PLC base units, either complete with I/O or configurable by the user. Up to 256 I/O may be configured with full or half format I/O modules to closer match the application requirements of the user. Options include: multi-range 16-bit analogue modules, integrated safety relay modules, AS-i master modules, multi-protocol communication and modem cards using PCMCIA technology, and expandable memory. IEC 1131-3 Windows™ - based programming software enables programming in Ladder Logic (LD), Instruction List (IL) or Sequential Flow Chart (SFC) languages. When using the Telefast prewired cabling system in place of wiring the PLC to terminals in a control panel, significant time and expense may be saved on the installation cost of the PLC.,TSX37-08 PLC's are delivered complete with I/O and offer the flexibility of a full spare slot for further expansion. TSX37-21 PLC's offer the flexibility of full user-configuration, have a dual programming port for simultaneous connection of the HMI and programming equipment, PCMCIA memory expansion and communication ports, and the ability to add an expansion rack. All units offer the following:

Diecast backplate suitable for DIN rail mounting or screw fixing
Relay output
400mA, 24Vdc sensor supply on ac powered units
Solid rack with I/O module guides
Memory configurable for program or data (size dependant on unit)
Up to 16 event tasks
Up to 16 PID loops
ASCII, Uni-Telway or Modbus Slave communication via programming port
Dimensions: H 151 x W 227.9 x D 108.3mm

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Accessory Type Cover
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