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Gedore Non Contact Voltage & Magnetic Field Indicator

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Gedore VDE MaVo Phillips Magnetic Voltage Finder and Tester

Multi-functional, the VDE is a screwdriver, voltage finder and integrated magnetic field tester rolled all in to one. Users now have one tool to hand for checking and repairing magnetic pumps or valves.

A red light signals electric fields in the vicinity, whilst magnetic fields are identified with a green light. Featuring a PH cross-slot which also fits PZ screws the VDE therefore covers a larger variety of screws. Permanent and alternating magnetic fields are easily identified, and the device also checks the function of electro-magnetic valves and switches. Designed to recognise live conductors and localise cable breaks with millimetre precision, this multi-functional non-contact voltage detector is ideal for all engineers and technicians.

Features and Benefits:

• Power-Grip and ergonomic handle
• Voltage and Magnetic fields displayed in Red and Green
• Detects energised conductors
• Displays permanent and alternating magnetic fields
• Molybdenum Vanadium tempered Steel blade
• Eliminates need to take switches and valves offline

Frequently asked questions:

What is a non-contact voltage tester used for?
Voltage testers or detectors are used to check the flow of current through a circuit. They can be used to check safety, or to ensure equipment is functioning correctly. They can also test for the current strength, whether the circuit is grounded correctly or to ensure no current is flowing at all so that work can be begin on the circuit.

How do non-contact voltage testers work?
Also known as a voltage detector, voltage tester pens, sensors or test pens. They allow the user to test electrical conductors without touching them. Non-contact testers are the safest and easiest way to detect electric fields or voltage. Voltage testers utilise what is called capacitive coupling, the user holding the instrument provides a ground reference. The tester then detects changing electric field around the object or objects conducting an AC current. (Alternating current) Simply put, the user and the tester pen when near the electrical conductor will cause a small current to flow through the tester from the source, this is how it detects AC voltage.