REC14-12 Lead Acid Battery - 12V, 13Ah

  • RS-artikelnummer 872-0086
  • Tillv. REC14-12
  • Tillverkare / varumärke Yuasa
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Yuasa REC Series VRLA Batteries

Introducing the REC series batteries from Yuasa. Compact lead-acid batteries that offer low self-discharge rates, can be stored for long periods without permanent loss of capacity. They incorporate the latest oxygen recombination technology and a safe low-pressure venting system. The REC series are extremely high performing VRLA batteries with excellent recovery from deep discharge and can operate in any orientation.

Why would you buy a REC rechargeable battery?

They offer low maintenance and a valve regulated construction combined with heavy-duty plates and an innovative separator system that ensure reliable premium cyclic batteries. They are typically used in applications such as golf buggies & mobility scooters.

Features and Benefits

• High cyclic performance VRLA battery
• Voltage: 12 V
• Rechargeable
• Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
• Heavy-duty lead Calcium Grids for superior cyclic life
• Double cycle life over conventional VRLA batteries
• Absorbed Glass Mat construction with no free acid (AGM)
• Gas recombination
• Case Material: ABS
• Terminal Type: M5, M6 & Faston
• Excellent recovery from deep discharge
• Operation in any orientation (excluding continuous inverted use)
• Eurobat Classification: 6 to 9 years

Operating Temperature Range

• Storage: -15 °C to +50 °C
• Charge: 0 °C to +40 °C
• Discharge: -15 °C to +40 °C

Yuasa REC Series Options

• REC10-12, 12 V, 10Ah; RS stock no: 660-3627
• REC14-12:12V, 13Ah; RS stock no: 872-0086
• REC22-12I:12V, 22Ah; RS stock no: 872-0080
• REC26-12:12V, 26Ah; RS stock no: 872-0099
• REC36-12:12V, 36Ah; RS stock no: 872-0092
• REC50-12:12V, 50Ah; RS stock no: 872-0096
• REC80-12: 12V, 80Ah; RS stock no: 872-0106


• Chargers are available separately - Browse Yuasa Battery chargers

Typical Applications

They can be used in any orientation except in a continuous inverted position. Designed for industrial use as float or standby power applications such as;
Golf cart
Mobility scooters
Solar and wind
Renewable energy
Automatic guided vehicles
Emergency lighting
Measuring instruments

AGM Lead Acid Battery Vs Gel Cell Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)
These batteries contain only enough liquid to keep the specially designed glass mat wet. The glass mat is made to wick the battery electrolytes between the battery plates. If the battery is broken no free liquid leaks out.

AGM batteries are preferred when a larger number of amps are required. The life expectancy remains excellent in most cases if they are not discharged more than 60% between recharges and/or recharged fully every 3-6 months.

Gel Cell
These batteries contain silica type gel, which is a thick paste-like material. It allows the electrons to flow between plates but will not leak in a gel battery if the case is broken.

Gel Cell Batteries don't offer the same power capacity as per the same physical size as AGM batteries. Gel cell batteries excel in slow discharge rates and slightly higher operating temperatures and with excellent deep cycle capability. Recharging these batteries must be done correctly or it will suffer premature failure.


Lead Acid Rechargeable Batteries, are they Harmful?
Lead-Acid batteries contain chemicals that have the potential to be harmful to both your health and the environment. They contain lead which is a highly toxic metal and sulfuric acid which is a corrosive electrolyte solution. Proper handling procedures must be followed always.

What state of a charge will the battery be in when delivered?
The REC range will have 90% to 95% of charge approximately, we do recommend charging prior to use.

How to dispose of Lead Acid Battery?
Lead-acid batteries do contain hazardous chemicals, so recycling is the only way to dispose of them.
Recycle responsibly. A wide range of schemes are available.


Suitable for Cyclic and Standby use

Attribute Value
Capacity 13Ah
Nominal Voltage 12V
Dimensions 151 x 98 x 97.5mm
Terminal Type Faston F2
Construction AGM
Designed for Cyclic Application Yes
Weight 4.2kg
Eurobat Classification 6 to 9 Years
Operating Temperature Range -15 +50°C
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Pris (ex. moms) Each
706,53 kr
(exkl. moms)
883,16 kr
(inkl. moms)
Per unit
1 - 4
706,53 kr
5 - 9
667,67 kr
10 +
628,82 kr
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