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RS PRO Light Grey ABS Enclosure, IK07, IP65, Shielded, 105 x 105 x 60mm

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RS PRO Hermetically Sealed Enclosure IP65 With Brass Inserts

This range of hermetically sealed enclosures from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO provides an airtight electronic enclosure suitable for protecting electrical parts and components. The hermetic enclosure is quick and easy to install and is ideal for mounting to flat surfaces in a variety of environments that require a hermetic enclosure for electronic components. The enclosure is made with a durable ABS plastic that protects the internal components from dust and moisture. This cost-effective RS PRO enclosure is also supplied with a silicone gasket for an airtight hermetic seal, brass inserts and screws for an easy and secure installation.

This durable enclosure features an IP65 rating and an IK07 rating, providing protection from moisture and solid objects as well as mechanical impacts.

Features and benefits

• Available in a range of sizes
• Made with a durable ABS plastic
• Durable, hermetic and chemical resistant casing to protect electrical parts and components
• Freedom of choice with the internal layout of PCB’s, wires and more
• Neutral light grey design
• Supplied with brass inserts and screws for easy installation and a hermetic silicone gasket for protection
• Quick and easy to install
• Compatible with a wide range of applications and environments
• IP65 and IK07 protection

Common Applications

These highly durable ABS plastic enclosures are suitable for use with a range of electronic devices and components that require a level of protection. They can be used in a variety of applications such as:
• Switches
• Sensors
• Lighting
• Key pads
• Circuits

What is a hermetically sealed enclosure?

A hermetically sealed enclosure provides the perfect protection from dust and moisture of internal electrical components and devices in a range of applications. This form of hermetic enclosure is ideal for when space is limited or restricted and allows PCB (printed circuit boards) and other standard electronic components to be safely installed and protected at all times, reducing the risk of damage and deterioration. Hermetic enclosures are also compatible with a range of accessories such as panel blanking, hooks and screws for easy installation.

How to mount a hermetically sealed enclosure

ABS hermetically sealed enclosures can easily be mounted to a variety of surfaces via a screw or hook, providing quick installation and deinstallation making them a very versatile enclosure that is perfect for protecting electrical devices and components.

What is ABS?

ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a type of thermoplastic polymer that is highly durable and features a high resistance to chemical corrosion in its solid state. It has a low melting point allowing it to be molded and shaped accordingly, making it a very versatile material.

What is an IP rating?

IP (Ingress Protection) levels refer to the level of protection materials such as an electrical enclosure has against solids such as dust and debris and liquids. The first digit identifies the level of protection from a physical intrusion. The second digit identifies the level of protection from water and other liquids. A lower IP rating (such as IP62 offers protection from dust and splashback of water from a distance whereas a high IP rating such as IP78 can offer complete dustproof protection plus a continuous level of protection underwater.

If I modify the enclosure will the IP rating remain the same?

Any modifications made to the enclosure will subsequently reduce the IP protective level.

Are hermetic enclosures available in other materials?

Depending on the application required, hermetic enclosures are manufactured in a variety of materials such as metal, ABS plastic and polycarbonate.

What Mounting Plate Is Suitable With This Enclosure?

This enclosure is compatible with RS PRO enclosure mounting plate 1920703

Body MaterialABS
External Length105 mm
External Height60 mm
External Width105 mm
External Dimensions105 x 105 x 60mm
IP RatingIK07, IP65
Lid ColourGrey
Gasket MaterialSilicone