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XinaBox, Pixhawk Bridge, Pixhawk Bridge CHIP Module Add On Board Module - BD01

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xChip Boards

xChips are a rapid electronics development ecosystem to help reduce development time and simplify making custom products as well as aiding learning. Without soldering, wiring, breadboarding, or hardware knowledge you can assemble a circuit in minutes, and concentrate on coding.

xChips are compatible with the platform you want to use and bridges are available for the most popular pltatforms; Raspberry Pi, Minnowboard, Beaglebone, Micro:bit, Pixhawk and 96 boards. Rather than bridging to Ardunio, we offer compatible cores for Arduino Uno, the CC01, and for Arduino Zero, the CC03.

xChips utilise I2C, and due to this bus architecture, unlimited expansion of circuits is possible. Limitations of I2C addresses have been negated by development multiplexers.

Because of its simple connection method, it is easy to build quickly - for prototyping and small product runs

xChips connect to each other using an xBus connector, available from RS 174-4977.

Some xChips need an xPDI connector (RS 174-4974) to connect to programming interfaces, such as the IP02 or IP03.

BD01 – Pixhawk Bridge

This xChip is designed to interface with the Pixhawk Bridge. This provides bridge into the xChip ecosystem, adding support for many additional sensors, etc.

This xChip has on-board voltage conversion. A power LED is provided to ensure that the bridge has been connected correctly.

Product Features

4 x xBus connections to interface with xChips

Xinabox Modular Prototyping Boards