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Testo Testo 405i Thermal 30m/s Max Air Velocity Air Velocity, Temperature Anemometer

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testo 405i Thermal Anemometer, Bluetooth

The Testo 405i is a wireless hot-wire anemometer designed for measuring air flow, volume flow and temperature. The pocket-sized meter provides fast accurate readings at ventilation grilles, ducts and air outlets. Constructed from high-quality materials the tough mini anemometer is the ideal instrument for HVAC technicians and service engineers.

Compact in design, the hand-held anemometer uses a combination of hot-wire and NTC thermistor sensor technology to deliver readings with extreme accuracy. Equipped with a telescopic shaft which can extend to 400mm the Testo 405i anemometer is ideal for applications where measuring space is hard to reach or limited. The 405i Bluetooth anemometer records wind speed from 0 to 20 m/s while the NTC sensor range goes from -20 to +60 °C. When used in combination with the Bluetooth Testo 605i thermal hygrometer (913-2585), the Testo 405i is suitable for determining cooling or heating performance.

The Testo 405i handheld anemometer connects via Bluetooth to Android, iOS smartphones and tablets. It can display real-time air temperature, airflow velocity and volume flow measurements on to the user's screen. The Testo Smart Probes App enables you to configure, view and calculate all from your mobile device. Additionally, all data and information can be saved into Excel and PDF formats for logging and sharing. Up to six separate devices can link to the App at any one time allowing remote system set up and monitoring.

Testo Smart Probes App

The Testo Smart Probes App is available to download free from the App Store or Google Play and is compatible with all of the instruments from the Testo Smart Probes range. The app can display real-time measurements and results on the screen. Anything up to six Smart Probes can work in tandem and the information (including pictures) can be saved in Excel or as a pdf document.

Features and Benefits

• Slim, lightweight design
• Hot-wire and NTC sensors
• Fast, accurate, easy to read results
• Measures airflow speed, volume flow and temperature
• Measurement ranges 0 to 20m/s and -20 to +60°C
• Connects via Bluetooth to smartphone or tablet
• Up to 6 devices can connect at any one time
• Free Testo Smart Probes App for display and data analysis
• Save results in Excel or PDF
• Compatible with iOS 8.3 or newer, Android 4.3 or newer + Bluetooth 4.0
• 15-hour battery life / 3 x AAA batteries


Hot-wire anemometers are the ideal instrument for engineers and technicians looking to carry out tests and surveys on ventilation, air conditioning equipment. They are used to measure airflow and temperature quickly and accurately. The information and data they provide are vital in a wide range of applications and environments. They are essential for reporting, forecasting, planning and most importantly health and safety. Some of the more common applications are

• HVAC system performance
• Environmental testing
• Clean rooms
• Air balancing
• Fans / motors / blowers
• Air conveyors
• Furnace velocity
• Wind Direction and gust


Requires iOS 7.1 or newer, Android 4.3 or newer, mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0

Supplied with

AAA batteries (x3), calibration protocol

Measurement ParametersAir Velocity, Temperature
Maximum Air Velocity30m/s
Best Air Velocity Accuracy5 %
Air Velocity Resolution0.01m/s
Probe TypeThermal
Maximum Temperature+60°C
Temperature Measurement Resolution0.1°C
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy±0.5 °C
Power SourceBattery
Battery TypeAAA Micro
Battery Life15 h
Dimensions200 x 30 x 41mm
Minimum Operating Temperature-20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature+50°C
Model Number pTesto 405i