Figaro Air Quality Sensor

  • RS-artikelnummer 134-6663
  • Tillv. TGS821-A00
  • Tillverkare / varumärke Figaro
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TGS821, TGS822, TGS823 & TG826 Gas Sensors

A range of gas sensors from Figaro utilising tin dioxide (SnO2) semiconductor technology. In clean air the devices have low conductivity which increases in the presence of a detectable gas. A simple electrical circuit can be used to convert the change in conductivity to an output signal proportional to gas concentration.

• Type TGS821 has high sensitivity and selectivity to hydrogen gas. The sensor can detect concentrations as low as 50ppm, making it ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

• Types TGS822 & TGS823 have high sensitivity to the vapours of organic solvents and a variety of combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, making them good general purpose sensors; type TGS823 has a ceramic base able to withstand temperatures of up to 200°C.

• Type TGS826 has high sensitivity to ammonia gas and can detect concentrations as low as 30ppm. It is ideally suited to critical safety-related applications such as the detection of ammonia leaks in refrigeration systems and ammonia detection in the agricultural field.

PCB Mounted Gas Sensors

Operating conditions in which Sensors are used will vary with each customer's application. Gas and oxygen sensors are not authorised for use as critical components in life support applications wherein a failure or malfunction of the products may result in injury or threat to life. Non-calibrated PCB gas sensors will not operate properly if not calibrated prior to usage.

Semiconductor gas sensors for gas detection, air quality control, HVAC, appliance and automotive industries. Characteristics of the products in this range are small size, low cost, long life, low power consumption and no maintenance requirement

Attribute Value
Gases Detected Hydrogen
Dimensions 19.5 (Dia.) x 13.5mm
Weight 7.7g
Width 19.5 (Dia.)mm
Height 13.5mm
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Pris (ex. moms) Each
931,74 kr
(exkl. moms)
1 164,68 kr
(inkl. moms)
Per unit
1 - 9
931,74 kr
10 - 24
894,41 kr
25 +
857,08 kr
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