Brick Trowels

Brick Trowels are designed for easy and precise application of cement onto a brick or block. Used in brickwork or stonework for levelling, spreading and shaping mortar or concrete. Constructed with a steel blade. The characteristics of the three types of trowels can prove alluring to professionals looking for a versatile tool capable of withstanding the rigours of the building site.These trowel types:London Pattern: This is the standard type of trowel for laying bricks. The rounded heel of the blade has a similar outline of a feather. This heel allows more cement to be placed further forward on the blade than the Philadelphia style trowels. This makes it great for laying bricksPhiladelphia Pattern: This trowel has an arrowhead shaped design with a narrow tip and angled base. The Philadelphia pattern trowels are better suited for laying blocks because they allow more cement to be placed on the blade.

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RS-artikelnummer 707-4887
Tillv. art.nrRB1010
427,65 kr
- 11; 6; 6.5; 5/8 x 1/2 in Carbon Steel
RS-artikelnummer 707-4869
Tillv. art.nrR280SG
159,34 kr
Comfortable Soft Grip 11 in Carbon Steel