Jigsaw Blades

For general or more specific use, having the right blade for the job makes the difference not only in the quality of cut, but in saving your time. Two main factors to understand when buying new blades are the shank size and shape. Having the correct and shape shank is crucial in having a safe working tool.
Jigsaw blades can be a general purpose making them suitable for a variety of materials without needed to swap blades between jobs or can be more material specific. These more specific blades typical have a higher or lower tooth count, different tooth shape or pitch or a different overall blade material making them more suitable for that job.
Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines on materials a blade is suitable for to ensure maximum efficiency without failure.

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Beskrivning Pris Cutting Length Model Number in Pack Tooth Pitch Shank Type Material Application Blade Material Bimetal Overall Length
RS-artikelnummer 848-3715
Tillv. art.nrA-86898
83,71 kr
- B-105, B-13, B-16, B-22, B-23 5 - Universal - Aluminium, Plastic, Steel, Wood - - -
RS-artikelnummer 848-3719
Tillv. art.nrA-85793
53,68 kr
- BR-13 5 9 Universal - Wood HCS - 64 mm