Chisels are essentials hand tools to almost any form of woodworking, demolition or at the construction site. Chisels can be made of chrome vanadium steel, forged steel, chrome molybdenum steel, vanadium extra steel, HCS or even carbon steel. Bahco, RS Pro or Facom are manufacturers known by producing the highest-quality tools that guarantee a long-life operation.
Chisel types:
• Mason chisels are equipped with a handle for hand protection and are ideal for cutting bricks, cement blocks, cinders or trimming excess mortars.
• Concrete chisels are designed to break up concrete floors, sidewalks or paving slabs when an air hammer would be impractical.
• Cold chisels are made from carbon steel and are octagonal in cross section.
• Diamond chisels are cold chisels having a diamond-shaped cutting face for cutting V grooves or sharp internal corners.

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6; 13; 19; 25 mm Chrome Vanadium Steel 4 Wood -