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    Environmental Test & Measurement Accessories

    Environmental Test & Measurement accessories for measuring, testing, or diagnosing systems and devices. RS has a large range of accessories for the test and measurement devices that offer reliability, performance and dependability that you require. All the accessories allow you to complete your tasks safely, with completely insulated leads and cables that meet strict standards.

    Types of Environmental Test and Measurement Accessories

    • Probes - Can be easily switched out to match the environment you're testing. Humidity and temperature probes are great for measuring moisture in exhaust ducts.
    • Capsules - used for generating a precise value within the testing environment, for example ensuring the humidity value is correct for the calibrated humidity probes to be used.
    • Carry Cases - When you have a range of accessories for different jobs, it's vitally important that they are transported and stored in secure carrying cases.

    Why choose RS for Environmental Test & Measurement Accessories?

    RS has a large range of environmental test and measurement accessories to match your requirements. We have technical advisors on hand if you require additional information on which accessory will be a best fit.

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