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Air Quality Monitors

Air quality monitors, also known as air pollution monitors, are devices used to monitor and check the quality of the indoor and outdoor air. These compact, handheld machines are able to measure all essential parameters such as humidity, temperature, air volume, air velocity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and % of outdoor air calculation. Air quality meters are used for health and safety purposes to prevent harmful pollutants such as mould, gas and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Measuring air quality is an essential part of facilities maintenance and HVAC system maintenance. Air quality monitors are ideal for detecting indoor gas leaks and measuring the gas levels such as Volatile Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde, and Freon, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone and many more flammable, hazardous or toxic gases.

Some air quality monitors store the measurement scores and allow transferring them to the computer for further analysing and reporting.

Types of Air Quality Monitors

  • Portable/Handheld Meters – These types of meters are ideal for engineers working on location. They provide accurate measurements and store results for further analysis and are easy-to-use on worksites.
  • Desktop/Stationary Meters – Stationery meters are perfect for indoor air quality measurement (IAQ) like in laboratories for example. They are very accurate in terms of measuring the quality of the air and can be plugged into the main power source, so batteries aren’t necessary.
  • Air Quality monitors are necessary devices for every gas engineer and are ideal for proving that gas appliances such as space heaters or kitchen equipment are operating safely.

Where are air quality monitors used?

  • Facility maintenance
  • HVAC systems
  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Monitoring clean rooms
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Testing filter seals
  • Locating particle contamination sources
  • Monitoring particle size distribution
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