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    Power Factor Correction

    Power factor correction ICs (integrated circuits) are devices designed to improve the efficiency of an electronic circuit that contain other devices with lower power factor. Power factor is the measurement of the efficiency of input power. Power factor correction (PFC) is designed to improve the power quality by improving this efficiency. They feature capacitors or inductors which are used to counteract the inefficiencies of motors and machines.

    How is it power factor calculated?

    Power factor is the Real Power minus Reactive Power. Real power is the power required to carry out the task. Reactive power is the excess power that is used, but is not required by the task. The goal is for power factor to be 100% in its efficiency, or 1pf. Power factor can be calculated by Active (or true) power divided by Apparent power. Reactive operates at a right angle to True power.

    Why use power factor correction ICs?

    Power factor correction can be used in many applications to help financially. This is achieved through reducing power consumption or reducing the unnecessary Reactive Power.

    Where is PFC used?

    • Computers
    • Power supplies
    • Lighting
    • Induction welders
    • Electrical motors
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