NVRAM (Non –Volatile Random Access Memory ) is a memory chip that is able to store data even when the power is turned off, unlike RAM and DRAM, which when the power is turned off all the memory is lost.There are different variations of package such as SIPP (single inline pin package) these have one row of pins, DIP (dual inline package) these have 2 rows of pins. CERDIP (ceramic dual inline package) PDIP (plastic inline package)Types of NVRAM Memory chipsSRAM ( Static ram) This chip can be volatile and non-volatile. It is made non-volatile when its connected to a battery, it takes power from the CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) battery on the motherboard. which protects the memory from losing its data when the power is turned offFlash Memory consists of cells that hold a charge without any power which makes it very durable. Flash memory is found in many electronic devices such as cameras, tablets, smartphones, USB drives, and music playersEEPROM ( electrically erasable programmable read only memory) rewritable memory chip where individual bytes of data can be erased and then rewritten Applications:Camerassmart cardscomputersTabletsSmartphonesUSB drives

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