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Digital to Analogue Converters

Digital to analogue converter are devices that convert digital signals into an analogue output signal for other devices to recognise.

DACs are used most in the audio industry. The digital audio signal (binary code) gets converted into analogue signal ready for the next device or headphone amplifier to pick up

What does a digital to analogue converter do?

Audio digital to analogue converters captures and converts high-quality digital audio to direct line level output analogue signal. On the other hand, when the goal is a conversion from analogue to digital, the best way to achieve that is via audio ADCs converters.

Video digital to analogue converters is a high-frequency low- to medium-resolution type that is used to convert digital video data into analogue video signals.

Types of digital to analogue converters

  • R-2R Ladder DAC - This DAC is a binary converter that uses a repeating cascaded resistor values R and 2R. Using R-2R improves accuracy.
  • Switched Capacitor - A switched capacitor includes a parallel capacitor network.
  • Switched Resistor - Contains a parallel resistor system. Resistors are enabled or bypassed depending on the digital signal.
  • Switched Current Source - Different current sources are chosen based on the digital signal being input.


Audio digital to analogue converters are widely used in applications such as;

  • Converters for audio applications
  • Digital music systems
  • PC sound cards

Video digital to analogue converter have application use in;

  • Mobile phones
  • TV’s
  • Digital radio modulation


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