Solid State Relays

The main advantages of solid state relays over conventional electro-mechanical relays is that they have no moving parts to wear out, and therefore no contact bounce issues. SSRs are able to switch both “ON” and “OFF” much faster than a mechanical relays armature can move, as well as zero voltage turn-on and zero current turn-off eliminating electrical noise and transients.
Solid state relays are available in a range of package options, ranging from just a few volts or amperes to many hundreds of volts and amperes of output switching capability. A small input voltage, typically 3 to 32 volts DC, can be used to control a much large output voltage or current.

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Beskrivning Pris Minimum Load Current Maximum Load Current Range Mounting Type Series Minimum Load Voltage Maximum Load Voltage Minimum Control Voltage Maximum Control Voltage Switching Type Contact Configuration Terminal Type Output Device Package Style
RS-artikelnummer 469-4340
Tillv. art.nr80.020.4103.0
375,89 kr
0.1 mA 0.5 A - DIN Rail flare 4.4 V 53 V 90 V 250 V - SPST Screw - -
RS-artikelnummer 469-4312
Tillv. art.nr80.020.4100.0
346,79 kr
1 mA 0.5 A - DIN Rail flare 4.4 V 53 V 10 V 53 V - SPST Screw - -
RS-artikelnummer 469-4328
Tillv. art.nr80.020.4101.0
535,01 kr
1 mA 2 A - DIN Rail flare 4.4 V 53 V 10 V 53 V - SPST Screw - -