Solid State Relays & Accessories

Find an extensive collection of solid state relays and accessories. Our range includes solid state relays from leading manufacturers like Siemens and TE Connectivity. We also stocks accessories such as solid state relay filters, heatsinks, adaptors, covers and mounting kits.

Types of solid state relays & accessories

  • Solid state relays – Are the semiconductor equivalent of the electromechanical relay but without the moving parts. Solid state relays (SSRs) have no moving parts and use the electrical and optical properties of semiconductors to perform the switching functions.
  • Solid state heatsinks – Used to cool and dissipate heat from solid state relays in order to maintain correct operating temperatures. All solid state relays generate heat failure to manage heat correctly will result in the relay ceasing to operate.
  • Thermal transfer pads – Installed between a solid state relay or other component and the heatsink surface. Thermal transfer pads are designed to cover the entire mating surface area between the heatsink and the solid state relay, leaving no air gaps or voids where excess heat maybe become trapped.
  • Solid state relay covers – Typically used in residential and industrial settings to stop accidental contact with relay terminals, which could result in electrical shock.
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Finder 77 Series - 25, 40 and 50 ...
Finder 77 Series - 25, 40 and 50 A panel solid state relays, hockey puck style, specially designed for heater control applications. 48 to 600V ac outputZero-crossing switch-on versionHigh switching speed and enduranceSilent, spark and bounce-free switchingLow control powerRelay-style terminal ...
Complete unit comprising solid state relay and optimised ...
Complete unit comprising solid state relay and optimised heat sinkIP20 ratingOptimised heat transfer by DCB technologyEfficient thyristors with high reverse voltageScrew connections for fast and simple connectionIsolation voltage 600 VacFrequency 50/60 Hz.
45mm DIN rail or panel mountingSCR output with ...
45mm DIN rail or panel mountingSCR output with overvoltage and transient protectionDirect bonded copper technologyZero volt switchingIP20 integrated coverLED display of input statusEpoxy free designLoad voltage 48 → 600 VacDimensions: W45mm, D88.2mm, H120.66mm.
Universal Series can be used as either an ...
Universal Series can be used as either an input or an output device. Connection of sensors/actuators is via modular terminal blocks. Feather-light direct connection of conductors starting from 0.34 mm2 without tools. The connection of small cross sections from 0.14 ...