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    Leaf Blowers

    Leaf Blowers, also known as garden blowers, are power tools designed to help in keeping outdoor space clear, tidy and free of debris and fallen leaves. They are mainly used in high-traffic areas such as parks or gardens. Garden Blowers can quickly and easily blow away from patios, lawns or paths. Some garden blowers feature a vacuum function that allows vacuuming leaves.

    What types of Leaf blowers are available?

    • Leaf Blowers are available in both petrol and electric formats.
    • Petrol leaf blowers are cordless providing a tool suitable for remote use and are ideal for clearing large areas away from a power source or if you are travelling across multiple locations.
    • Electric leaf blowers come in both corded and cordless forms with corded blowers having the ease of plug and go and cordless blowers requiring a charged battery. Battery times will vary depending on the quality of battery in the blower but also have the added benefit of not being tethered to a power outlet along with typically being slightly quieter than a petrol blower.
    • Basic handheld blowers are ideal for light use or if you have a large area to clear.
    • Backpack blowers typically have a stronger motor with a greater air feed rate if you're trying to clear a larger area or if you have more difficult debris to clear.
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