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    Lathe Tool Holders & Inserts

    Lathe tool holders are used to secure lathe tools in place during a range of processes, including facing, threading and boring. Lathes are devices used in areas like metalworking to rotate a workpiece. Tool holders usually attach to lathes through the tool-post. Though most lathes support tool holders, not all do. Check your lathe is compatible before choosing one.

    What are the advantages of lathe tool holders?

    Lathe tool holders are usually made from a tougher material than the tool itself, meaning they can effectively support a precision cutting implement. They also offer flexibility and extended functionality. They can control the angle of the tool, extend or retract it as necessary or be spring-loaded to deflect the tool if too much force is applied.

    Why use lathe tool holders?

    There are several additional ways in which lathe tool holders allow a greater range of use of tool bits.

    • They can change the angle of the tool bit.
    • They can change the level of overhang in the tool bit.
    • They can direct fluid to the work area.
    • They may deflect the tool bit away from the piece when an excessive load is added.
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