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    Wind Turbines

    Wind turbines are a renewable energy device. They harness the kinetic power of the wind to generate electricity. They are also known as wind generators and wind turbine generators

    How do wind turbines work?

    Wind turbines usually feature three or more blades that catch the wind. The wind energy causes the blades to turn. This movement powers the turbine that generates electricity

    Are there different kinds of wind turbines?

    Wind turbines are differentiated by how they are mounted, this is usually pole-mounted or roof-mounted. Roof-mounted turbines are installed directly onto the roof of your property or building. They typically generate a power output between 0.5kW and 2kW. Pole-mounted wind turbines tend to be larger than roof-mounted counterparts. They are freestanding units and can be easily positioned in the location with the strongest wind. Pole-mounted wind turbines typically have a power output between 2kW and 6kW. Pole-mounted options have a greater power output than roof mounted turbines, but this is reflected in the higher cost at the outset

    What are the benefits of installing a wind turbine?

    • Wind turbines are ideal to power electrical devices at isolated locations that are not on the main grid. This includes roadside safety signs, caravans, motorhomes, remote broadband connections and telecommunications.
    • Wind turbines are an environmentally friendly solution for generating electricity and create no harmful chemicals or waste.
    • Depending on how the turbine is set up, you may be able to store energy for future use. In some cases, you can sell surplus energy generated back to the main grid.

    What must I consider before installing a wind turbine?

    • It varies by your location, you may need to notify neighbours and the relevant authorities before installing a wind turbine. Some wind turbines require planning permission.
    • Although it varies by model, wind turbines can create noise during operation as the blades turn. This can be a whirring or humming sound.
    • Wind turbines that store energy have an integrated battery. This periodically needs replacing, so should be factored in as an additional cost of maintaining your turbine.
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