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    Pneumatic Shut-Off Valves

    Pneumatic shut-off valves are used across various industries to safely manage and control the flow of high pressure or compressed air and gases. They can be used to block compressed air in an automation process or to isolate sub-systems when not in use. Pneumatic shut-off valves are designed to close off passageways and pipes within a pneumatic system, preventing the compressed air or gas from entering certain areas. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including as a safety procedure, to allow for system maintenance, or to improve the efficiency and economic impact of a system, reducing or limiting usage when it is not required.

    How do pneumatic shut-off valves work?

    Shut-off valves are simple to operate and can be programmed to be automatically or manually activated.

    Where are shut-off valves used?

    Shut-off valves are used across a wide variety of industries that use pneumatic processes, including paper manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, colouring applications and alkaline-based alumina slurry. They are also used in industries that use hazardous and toxic gases in their production processes as part of their high safety measures, allowing for the immediate shut off of any valves that carry hazardous substances to be shut off immediately.

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