Pressure Sensor Controllers

Pressure sensor controllers are electronic devices that are used alongside pressure sensors to affect the pressure levels of liquid or gas in a given system. They also allow the pressure sensors to be controlled remotely, which is very useful as it means a user can control a number of sensors from one place, rather than having to adjust each sensor individually.

How do pressure sensor controllers work?

Pressure sensor controllers are connected to one or more pressure sensors and display the pressure range on a digital screen. If the pressure level is not satisfactory, the user can adjust it using the buttons on the controller.

Types of pressure sensor controllers

Pressure sensor controllers differ in their supply current and voltage, IP rating and importantly by the number of switching outputs they offer. The type and function of a controller may be determined by the number of pressure sensors you need to control at one time. They come in varying sizes.

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Beskrivning Pris Manufacturer Series Number of Switching Outputs IP Rating Supply Current Supply Voltage Dimensions Minimum Set Differential Pressure Height Maximum Set Differential Pressure Length Width Display Type Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature
RS-artikelnummer 537-2675
Tillv. art.nrPSE201-A4C
1 695,74 kr
PSE200 5 IP40, IP65 40mA 1.5V 40.1 x 40 x 36.8mm - 36.8mm - 40.1mm 40mm Digital +50°C 0°C
RS-artikelnummer 537-2697
Tillv. art.nrPSE303-LBC
1 073,01 kr
PSE300 2 IP40 50mA 12 → 24V dc 30 x 31 x 30mm -10kPa 30mm 100kPa 30mm 31mm Digital +50°C 0°C
RS-artikelnummer 700-7550
Tillv. art.nrPSE304
781,01 kr
PSE300 2 IP40 50mA 12 → 24V dc 30 x 31 x 30mm -0.1MPa 30mm 1MPa 30mm 31mm Digital +50°C 0°C