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    Compact Air Bellows

    Compact air bellows are pneumatic devices used to raise and lower heavy equipment and awkwardly shaped loads. They are similar to actuators but provide frictionless thrust because the return stroke is created by the action of a spring mechanism.

    Compact air bellows are made from fabric-reinforced rubber fixed with steel end caps on both sides. They are less liable to misalignment and come with larger operating diameters than normal linear actuators.

    What are compact air bellows used for?

    Compact air bellows can be used in many ways:

    • Actuating and conveying, where the fast stroke movements are suitable for transferring and loading applications.
    • Tensioning due to the bellows' angular motion and lateral flexibility, needed for equipment such as pressure rollers and tension belts.
    • Lifting and leveraging because the bellows can tilt at different angles, making them them ideal for rail applications.
    • Isolating components from load-dependent vibration because the bellows' operating height can be adjusted.

    Types of compact air bellows

    There are three basic options for compact air bellows: single-, double- and triple-convolution designs. Which you choose will depend on the stroke range and load capability you need.

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