Pneumatic Bulkhead Tube-to-Tube Adaptors

Pneumatic technology uses pressured gas to drive some sort of mechanical motion. The most common gas used in pneumatic technology is dry air. The air must be dry, as moisture has different compressive qualities. Pneumatic technology is very similar to hydraulic technology, however the fluid used to drive the motion here is always a liquid.

Pneumatic systems contain many components, pneumatic bulkhead tube-to-tube adaptors being one example. Pneumatic systems are operated using a central pneumatic device (such as an air motor or compressor) and utilise manual or automatic solenoid valves to control the airflow around the system.

What are pneumatic bulkhead tube-to-tube adaptors used for?

Pneumatic bulkhead tube-to-tube adaptors connect tubes through a panel (the bulkhead). They are designed to provide a reliable seal on both sides with no loss of air. Pneumatic bulkhead tube-to-tube adaptors work well with nylon and polyurethane tubes.

Types of pneumatic bulkhead tube-to-tube adaptors

Pneumatic bulkhead tube-to-tube adaptors come in a variety of diameter, thread size, grade and material. The adaptors allow the user to change the connections in a system so an assortment of hoses can be attached.

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Beskrivning Pris Manufacturer Series Type Tube Connection A Tube Connection B Body Material Mounting Hole Diameter Thread Material Finish Chemical Resistant Food Grade Maximum Operating Pressure Tube Connection B - Tube Size Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature
RS-artikelnummer 121-5951
Tillv. art.nrQSS-12
975,64 kr
1 Bag of 10
QSS Straight Push In 12 mm Push In 12 mm Brass - Brass Nickel Plated - - 14 bar 12mm +80°C -10°C
RS-artikelnummer 163-2971
Tillv. art.nrKQ2E06-00A(10)
55,04 kr
Each (In a Pack of 10)
KQ2 Bulkhead Union Push In 6 mm Push In 6 mm PBT, Polypropylene 17mm Brass - - - 1 MPa 6mm +40 °C, +60 °C -5 °C, 0 °C
RS-artikelnummer 326-9072
Tillv. art.nr3146 06 00
82,452 kr
Each (In a Pack of 5)
3146 Straight Push In 6 mm Push In 6 mm - - - Nickel Plated - - 20 bar 6mm +80°C -20°C
RS-artikelnummer 2509534925
Tillv. art.nrKQ2E09-00
50,31 kr
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