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    Water Heaters

    Water Heaters

    Our range of water heaters includes both oversink and undersink water heaters

    Oversink Water Heaters

    Oversink water heaters typically come in two varieties: storage water heaters, with various litre capacities and tankless water heaters. Storage water heaters store and repeatedly heat water within a tank, while tankless water heaters instantly heat the water as it flows through the device, and do not retain any water internally except for what is in the heat exchanger coil. They are typically used to provide hot water for sink taps and shower heads.

    How do oversink water heaters work?

    With traditional storage water heaters, once the water stored inside the tank has been heated, it may be streamed until it is depleted, at which point the new supply of water must be heated. With these heating devices, oversink water heaters tend to have a smaller tank than a typical boiler. Tankless water heaters are typically installed near their point of use. Unlike storage water heaters, these devices offer a plentiful continuous flow of hot water and potential energy savings thanks to their greater efficiency. All water heaters that burn gas need to be adequately vented.

    Undersink Water Heaters

    Undersink water heaters work in a similar way to oversink water heaters but are bulkier in design, more powerful and able to hold a larger water capacity. Undersink water heaters, as the name suggests, can be installed discreetly under sinks enabling integration into a kitchen set up and are therefore ideal for use in home settings.

    Products within the Water Heating & Pumps range actively support healthy buildings as per the guidance of the 9 elements of a healthy building from IOSH. Specific healthy building elements covered by this range is Water Quality

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